Conditions for participation

We charge an application fee of € 470.00 for each product. Should one or more products be awarded as “Germany’s Favourite”, an additional licence fee of € 5,750.00 per product will be charged.

The award entitles the holder to use the graphic contained in the award notification for an unlimited period of time and use is permitted both online and offline. We have designed the seal in a short and long version for all communication channels so that you can take full advantage of it.

Any product that is freely available on the German market at the latest at the time of the award and that is either approved in Germany or may be sold without approval in Germany can participate.

We can refuse the participation of a product at any time without giving reasons. In this case, the participation fee will be refunded. Products may be rejected for a fee if they have been submitted in the wrong category or if they do not belong to any of the permitted categories.

All participants will receive a high-quality statistics report from Statista worth €495.00 as part of the entry fee, as well as the confidential results from the consumer survey – regardless of whether a product wins an award.

Details on how the assessment is conducted and the methodology are listed on our methodology page.

Awards may be revoked if there are indications of a violation of the rules by the participating company or indications of violations of the rules at the instigation of the participating company. This includes in particular the influencing of consumers as well as false statements in the application process or collusion with competitors. The misleading use of awards, e.g. for products that have not received an award, also entitles the company to revoke the award.