Alpha Wellness Sensations – After Journey Walk

BrandAlpha Wellness Sensations
ProductAfter Journey Walk
CategoryHouse & Garden
AreaBuilding Services
Total score3.6*
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* Until the 2023 award round, the product score was given on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest value. Since round 2023/24, the product score has been transformed to a school grade scale (1 “very good” to 6 “unsatisfactory”).

The After Journey Walk is a multi-sensory shower-block measuring almost 5 meters long, where several showers follow one another: cold mist, warm rain, cold waterfall, and tropical rain. Aromatherapy along the entire length of the device provides the perfect wellness environment. Six infrared heaters ensure a feeling of comfort while passing through the shower block. The prints are adaptable to the style of the project. Perfect after a visit to the sauna!