AEG – 9000 Premium Edition Washing Machine

Product9000 Premium Edition Washing Machine
CategoryElectronics & Technology
AreaHousehold Appliances
Total score3.90*
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* Until the 2023 award round, the product score was given on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest value. Since round 2023/24, the product score has been transformed to a school grade scale (1 “very good” to 6 “unsatisfactory”).

The Series 9000 Premium Edition washing machine is more than a clean solution: it is the AEG benchmark in terms of technology, washing performance and sustainability. It shows how good washing can be for clothes and the environment. And it neatly illustrates what is possible today when it comes to washing. It is equipped with the world’s first water presoftening system for washing machines: the AEG SoftWater System. This ensures that the detergent is dissolved so well that washing at 30° is as effective as it would otherwise be at 60°.