Aduro – Fireplace stove 9 Steel cladding

ProductFireplace stove 9 Steel cladding
CategoryHouse & Garden
AreaBuilding Services
Total score4.00*
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* Until the 2023 award round, the product score was given on a Likert scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest value. Since round 2023/24, the product score has been transformed to a school grade scale (1 “very good” to 6 “unsatisfactory”).

Aduro heating stove 9 is a stylish fireplace stove that provides a cozy warmth in the living room. The fireplace convinces with its simple design and high functionality. The time-burning stove provides a cozy warmth and its natural light creates a cozy atmosphere on cold winter days. The fireplace has three viewing panels and thus offers a good view of the blazing fire. With a heating capacity of 6 kW, the stove can heat rooms with a size of up to 340 m³.